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Never before has the value of a company depended so much on the political environment and the expectations of the public than today. Everything needs to be realigned: Strategy, portfolio, investments and communication with the capital market, the media, political players, staff, society, people, and most importantly – the consumers.

Energy costs are changing corporate strategies, the ESG framework is rewriting a company’s narrative, supply chains are being redrawn in the face of geopolitical risk assessment, and any demands from policymakers will only be heard when a company is trusted by the public.

To meet the challenges these new complexities bring and offer companies adequate solutions we have brought together four consultancies: Strategic Minds Company, Lutz Meyer & Company, Berlin Global Advisors, and Corporate Transformation Advisors are now working together as the Berlin Advisors Group.

The Group galvanises experience and expertise from a wide range – the industry sector, restructuring, diplomacy, communication, politics, and the capital market. This is the team to match your task. At times a few will do, other times a few more – yet the result will be just what will move you forward. This is our promise to you.


  • The Founding PartnersConsulting for a new era

    To effectively support boards of directors, management and supervisory boards in dealing with this new complexity, the four consulting firms Lutz Meyer & Company, Strategic Minds Company, Berlin Global Advisors and Corporate Transformation Advisors have developed the "Berlin Advisors Group" as a new offering that for the first time combines expertise from all areas under one roof:



Geopolitics and Corporate Diplomacy

Has there ever been a time when geopolitical risks have had more impact on corporate strategies, markets, transactions, and investment decisions than today? We stand ready to help you not only to overcome new uncertainties but also seize opportunities in a new global landscape.

  • Briefings for the Executive Board and Board of Directors on Investment Decisions

  • Geopolitical Risk Management

  • Analysis of Country, Market, Environment

  • Political Due Diligence of Investments and M&A

  • Corporate Diplomacy


Capital Growth through Communication

Everything is connected: The value of a company depends on the political setting and the expectations of the society it serves more than ever before. We support companies with their communication with the public, NGOs, the capital market, and members of staff. Our topics, messages, and campaigns will reach all stakeholders involved.

  • Developing a Strategic Narrative with a Vision

  • Planning and Orchestrating Campaigns

  • Communicating a Company’s Topics and Profile

  • CEO Communication with Terms, Messages and in Channels

  • Placing People and Topics in the Media


Industry and Energy Consultancy

Geopolitical upheavals and climate change are forcing many companies to seek new partnerships. Whether it is about implementing new technologies, flexible raw material supply, or sustainability – we know the market and can match company profiles across Europe and the globe.

  • Supporting German Companies Abroad

  • Supporting Foreign Companies in Germany and Europe

  • Identifying Investment Opportunities and Partners for Joint Ventures and M&A

  • Responsible Lobbying in Germany and in Brussels

  • Design Thinking

Value creation

ESG Alignment and Reporting

We analyse the international ESG regulations and expectations of investors by using a company-specific monitoring approach and guide leadership teams when deciding on adjusting corporate structures, value creation, and capital market communications. The integration of corporate strategy, controlling, and corporate governance is at the heart of everything that we do.

  • Consulting CEOs on the ESG Framework

  • ESG Strategy and Enterprise Performance

  • Assessment Social Taxonomy, Supply Chains, and Governance

  • Equity Story to Meet Expectations of Investors and Capital Owners

  • ESG Restructuring Framework


Government Public Affairs

We guide our clients in positioning themselves and with needed lobbying in all European capitals, especially Berlin, Brussels, and Paris, but also London and Washington, DC. We help with M&A and market entries, issue and stakeholder management, positioning your company as a thought leader, and specific lobbying projects. Our service to you is based on decades of experience in dealing with EU institutions, so we know our way around but also many of the people involved.

  • Consulting for Strategy and Positioning

  • Environmental Analysis and Mapping

  • Lobbying

  • Securing Public Funding

  • Political Communication


A New Company and Management Culture

The new reality demands a shift in company and management culture towards being an agile and flexible organisation that is tied together internally by plurality. We compare your current agenda for your workforce against the needs of the market and help with recalibrating it based on best practices from the real world. 

  • Employer Brand and Recruiting Campaigns

  • Optimising Productivity

  • Human Capital Reporting and Workforce Planning

  • Sustainable Human Resource Development

  • Development of Management Staff and Management Culture


Berlin Advisors Group

Over fifty consultants and partners make up our dynamic team, dedicated to working toward your success and transformation. We identify risks, implement new ideas, and keep persevering until we have reached our goal. With joint forces, expertise, and competencies from four consultancies, we can offer a wide spectrum of support: Why not get to know our team?


  • Denis AnwarConsultant at Berlin Global Advisors, advising clients from the energy sector on government relations in an international context.

  • Lena AnzenhoferAssociate and journalist at Lutz Meyer & Company, creating and managing digital channels.

  • Peter-Alberto BehrensSenior advisor at Berlin Global Advisors, a public affairs expert with a regional focus on Latin America.

  • Michael BestPartner at Berlin Global Advisors in Frankfurt, advising investors on geoeconomic matters. Prior to this, he was at Deutsche Bundesbank for ten years.

  • Albrecht von CampenhausenConsultant at Berlin Global Advisors; at the department of Government Affairs he focuses on Life Sciences.

  • Christian BaguschJournalist; he is Head of the Topic Editorial and Senior Associate at Lutz Meyer & Company.

  • Claudia DewitzSenior consultant at Berlin Global Advisors. As Head of Administration, it is her where all the threads come together.

  • Arash DueroDirector at Strategic Minds Company, managing accounts from the energy sector, particularly within a European and international context.

  • Alexander DergayConsultant at Berlin Global Advisors, specialising in analysing geopolitical risks with a particular focus on Russia and China.

  • Leah Yaël FlamDirector at Berlin Global Advisors, advising clients on strategic lobbying and managing the international network at the BGA association.

  • Irmgard BraunAccountant at Strategic Minds Company, supporting the team.

  • Rüdiger von FritschPartner at Berlin Global Advisors, prior to this, he was the German Ambassador to Russia and Poland, and he held the role of Vice President at the BND.

  • Ana Cristina Grohnertis owner of Corporate Transformation Advisors and Managing Partner

  • Hauke HansenConsultant; he manages accounts from the energy sector at Strategic Minds Company.

  • Dr. Gerhard HinterhäuserPartner; he manages contacts with a Chinese or Japanese relevance as well as deals with topics around finance at Strategic Minds Company.

  • Sebastian KieferDirector at Strategic Minds Company; managing accounts from the energy sector.

  • Jan Friedrich KallmorgenFounding Partner of Berlin Global Advisors, advising companies on geopolitical and strategic issues.

  • Melissa KurtAssistant to Lutz Meyer, Office Manager, and responsible for the workflow at Lutz Meyer & Company.

  • Dr. Joachim Lang Managing Partner at Strategic Minds Company and Founding Partner of Berlin Advisory Group.

  • Franziska LangeExecutive assistant and Office Manager at Strategic Minds Company.

  • Dr. Lutz MeyerIs a communications strategy and PR man, owner of Lutz Meyer & Company and Managing Partner of the Berlin Advisory Group.

  • Moritz LütgerathSenior Advisor at Berlin Global Advisors, specialising on geopolitical and geoeconomic matters.

  • Aliya MussinaSenior Advisor at Strategic Minds Company, managing accounts with connections to Kazakhstan.

  • Karsten MöringSenior Advisor at Strategic Minds Company.

  • Clark ParsonsSenior Advisor at Strategic Minds Company and Managing Director of IE.Foundation.

  • Sibylle PflügerPartner at Strategic Minds Company.

  • Friedbert PflügerPartner and Founding Partner at Strategic Minds Company.

  • Felix StymaSenior Advisor at Strategic Minds Company and Managing Director at iconomy.

  • Dr. Rudolf StrohmeierAdvisor at Berlin Global Advisors in Brussels. Prior to this, he held the position of Director General at the European Commission, specialising in matters of innovation.

  • Dr. Frank SchauffPartner at Berlin Global Advisors, with twenty years of experience in strategic public affairs matters in a European and international context.

  • Prof. Dr. Eberhard SandschneiderPartner at Berlin Global Advisors and one of the most renowned experts on China in Germany.

  • Dr. Matthias Suermondt Is a medical doctor and management consultant for life sciences with extensive experience in the fields of oncology, immunology and cardiovascular medicine.

  • Dr. Ansgar TietmeyerPartner at Berlin Global Advisors with over twenty years of experience in the finance sector. He was also Head of Public Affairs at Deutsche Bank.

  • Ralf Weltis Managing Partner and Head of GA at Berlin Global Advisors.

  • Martin WiesmannSenior Partner at Berlin Global Advisors with over twenty years of experience in capital markets, the former Director of J.P. Morgan Germany.

  • Magnus zu WiedPartner at Berlin Global Advisors in Frankfurt, specialising in consulting in matters of government and public affairs for the technology sector.

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